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The French experiment

“Grand débat national”, which he launched to find a way out of the crisis highlighted by the gilets jaunes , draws to an end. What are your preliminary conclusions? The Grand débat can be considered a [...] From the beginning, the Grand débat has been perceived as a strategy to distract and weaken the gilets jaunes , who also didn’t want to participate. In this regard, the strategy seems to have been successful [...] approval rating has increased somewhat, and it has managed to gain a bit of time and the push the gilets jaunes a bit over to the sidelines. But the Grand débat can also be interpreted as a powerful and unexpected

Future of social democracy

Can Macron's 'France Relance' rebuild the country?

of – or threat to – rail links for many small towns was already a key issue in mobilising the ‘Gilets Jaunes’. The government has u-turned on reported initial plans to close some 9,000 km of track. Now, [...] and anticipatory action. Otherwise we are likely to see a resumption of class conflict. The ‘Gilets Jaunes’ have already called for more demonstrations and the CGT has announced a national day of action

Foreign and security policy

We should still be worried about a second cold war

coalition had to deal with ‘internal enemies’ in most important countries — ranging from the gilets jaunes in France to Brexiters in the United Kingdom and Trump in the US — the last few years were quiescent


This time is different

the violence between the wars — and today’s Europe. Other than a dozen victims of the French gilets jaunes movement, due to disproportionate use of violence by police and traffic accidents, and innocent

Economy and ecology

Taking the fields to the streets

to raise awareness over the political ambiguity around agroecological practices. Unlike the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ or pension-reform protests, the uproar isn’t unique to France. Since 2022, farmers in northern

Future of social democracy

Emmanuel Macron's dangerous election gamble

and status inequalities. This has led to a substantial social opposition: in November 2018, the Gilets jaunes movement rose up and has kept on protesting to this date (albeit in a more discreet fashion).


A left-wing success story

government. December 2018 saw hard-right activists try to start a campaign in the mode of the French gilets jaunes , only to fail miserably with weak protests at which the police and the media were more numerous

Democracy and society

Who is to blame? Citizens, elites and democracy

ion, such as protest activity. He claims that, despite well-publicised outbreaks such as the gilets jaunes in France, there has been no general increase in protest during this century; nor, in any case

Democracy and society

Pleasure in destruction

using emergency measures, toughened up criminal law, and has had his police beat up demonstrating Gilets Jaunes with batons to cow them. By governing through decrees and ordinances, sidestepping parliament

Economy and ecology

The fierce urgency of COP26

the conversation in Europe is inward-looking. It is about the terms of a just transition. The gilets jaunes protests have brought home harshly that for decarbonisation to be sustainable in the long run