How to contribute to International Politics and Society

If you are interested in contributing to International Politics and Society, please contact the editorial team under .

What we are looking for:

International Politics and Society is a platform for debates, publishing opinion pieces which analyse and comment on European and international politics and – at times – expressing provocative ideas. We are especially interested in submissions that shed new light on overlooked aspects of a particular issue or question conventional wisdom.

Theoretical essays or descriptive overviews that do not push the debate forward do not fit our profile.

Here are some guidelines for sending pitches:

  • Your pitch should be around 150 – 200 words. 
  • Please give an outline of the topic you would like to write about, including a description of what argument you plan to make. Please also provide any other details that will bring the piece to life.
  • Explain why the piece is relevant for us now?
  • Explain why you are the right person to write it. What expertise do you have in the subject?

The editorial process

All submissions will be edited. Whilst we will not alter the general argument of a text, we reserve the right to cut, shorten or rewrite sections, edit the language to fit our editorial style, and insert appropriate headlines, titles, teasers and standfirsts.

Other remarks

We are interested in contributions of between 800 and 1200 words.

Our readers will have a special interest in foreign policy and will generally be well-informed. That doesn’t mean, however, that they have country-specific expertise. Complex background information that is essential to an understanding of a particular topic should be explained briefly, but non-essential info should be left out.

Our writing style is journalistic, not academic. Begin with a strong leading sentence to grab the reader’s attention, and include the most important information at the top of each paragraph. 

We assume that content is submitted exclusively to www.ips-journal.eu. Generally, we grant other media outlets permission to reuse our material without further approval from authors. If you would like to discuss another arrangement, please let us know.